The Monster is Gone!

Three long days and nights have passed as I watched helplessly from afar as Mathew bore down on my home. My car sat quietly in the parking lot as I was watching news footage of the storm surge crashing into the Battery seawall and images of Calhoun St., King St., and Rutledge Ave. being heavily flooded.

So far preliminary reports are indicating 20 Bee Street is high and dry. A friend has surveyed the property and found 20 Bee Street to appear unscathed. They told me there were only some small branches down in the yard. The Andalusian number tiles were still up on the house and the storm door was intact, indicating powerful winds had not done excessive damage. I have sketchy reports from alternate sources that 22 and 24 Bee street are fine but these report are unconfirmed, but I believe them to be true. I have no photos to support this report at present.

Tomorrow a source will enter my home and see if there were any water leaks or irregularities due to standing water from the freezer melting if there were power interruptions during the storm cycle. More update to follow as they come in.

20 Bee Street

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