The following are a few helpful hints for a pleasant stay on Bee Street:

  1.  It is greatly prefer that you avoid brightly colored flags, yard art and plastic wreaths.  If you choos e to have a wreath on your door, it  should be of natural material, or silk leaves to look natural. Tasteful holiday decorations are permitted from Thanksgiving until January 15th.  Please refrain from otherwise decorating, painting or altering the exterior of any of the homes.


2. There is a bicycle rack near the carriage house of 24 Bee St. for your use.      Bicycles should be stored there neatly.


3. You will need a parking badge for your car. Our property manager can assist you in getting a parking badge. 


4.  There is a public urban garden located  next door at MUSC. 

You may attend scheduled gardening sessions there and receive herbs and vegatables in return for your time and service.  


5. It is  suggested that door mats be black and natural jute type material or just a natural woven material.

We greatly prefer that you avoid brightly colored or plastic doormats.  


6. Duplicate  USPS certified mailbox keys can be made at Janzens' Lock and Key shop on Meeting Street.  It's always nice to have an extra key.


7.  It is suggested to please refrain from draping beach towels or laundry over porch railings.  Personal effects, and sporting sporting equipment are better stored out of public view

8. There is a bicycle service station  and air pump located near the Basic Science Building on the MUSC campus available for use by MUSC students.

 There are a few small eateries located within close walking distance to Bee Street Condominiums. Take a walk around our friendly neighborhood here.

The houses located at 20, 22 and 24 Bee Street all have beautiful newly renovated porches. 

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